Web frameworks for building 3D games

Choosing the right framework (comparison) depends on initial goals, project requirements, general framework functionality and how it can be applied in each particular case. Despite the fact that BabylonJS doesn’t support WebVR, it makes app development straightforward and easy-to-understand (tutorials). Furthermore, it can be a perfect fit for complex, high-load and awesome software solutions. Blend4Web… Read More Web frameworks for building 3D games

Unreal Engine 4

Although The Unreal Engine was primarily developed for first-person shooters, it has been successfully used in a variety of other genres, including ‘Hack and slash’, MMORPGs, and other RPGs. As of March 2, 2015, Unreal Engine 4 is available to everyone for free. Unreal Engine 4 is designed to integrate smoothly with Visual Studio, allowing… Read More Unreal Engine 4

CryEngine V

It is one of the most powerful game engine in the industry, which was used in initial iterations of the Far Cry series. CryEngine V has new features and enhancements that developers have been requesting for some time. The full source code for the game-making Cryengine software is now available on GitHub. Compiling and programming… Read More CryEngine V

JavaScript is not the most popular language

  JavaScript is not the most popular programming language. There are, however, a great number of frameworks available to create WebGL content without building from the ground up. BabylonJS is a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games. With Microsoft’s C# it’s easier for independent developers to publish to console platforms. At the end of… Read More JavaScript is not the most popular language