Microsoft Azure Sphere OS

Azure Sphere OS combines security innovations pioneered in Windows, a security monitor, and a custom Linux kernel to create a highly-secured software environment and a trustworthy platform for new IoT experiences. Azure Sphere is designed for efficiency and comes with a set of Visual Studio tools that will allow you to manage microcontroller units. MT3620 Development Board… Read More Microsoft Azure Sphere OS

William E. Byrd on “The most beautiful program ever written”

A walk-through (video) of program synthesis concepts you must know. It teaches the foundations you need to design programs effectively. After a simple introduction to Scheme programming, William E. Byrd presents a Lisp interpreter written in Lisp, and a few of the many amazing ideas related to this metacircular interpreter. In short, Barliman is a… Read More William E. Byrd on “The most beautiful program ever written”

Practical Emacs

Perhaps not the most intuitive (manual) of all things, the Emacs editor is (awesome) highly customizable and includes a large number of features. Extensible means that you can go beyond simple customization and create entirely new commands, as it is virtually an operating system for a Unix shell designed for text-editing. If your Emacs does not recognize your Alt… Read More Practical Emacs